CAUTION! Planetary Boundary Ahead!

By Sara Mahdi Anthropology, Environment, and Development MSc, 2022-23 As of 2022, six of the nine planetary boundaries have been crossed. Climate and biodiversity boundaries are core thresholds that, if crossed and not rectified, may tip Earth into an unknown regime.

Discovering wellbeing traditions in the Czech Republic

By Josephine Platt MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology As my feet tingle and I snap selfies over the 20-minute treatment, I think about past fellow wellness seekers who likely found themselves in similar situations⎯minus the iPhone in hand.

Anthropolitan | Call for Photographs 2022

Deadline 1pm, 11th July We encourage you to think about decolonisation and anti-racism as guiding principles for how we represent or approach our discipline.

A Tale of Two Olhas: Reframing Ukrainian women’s experiences of war

By Amandas Ong PhD Anthropology This incident, which I later jokingly dubbed “the tale of two Olhas”, elevated the seemingly inconspicuous events of the everyday above the hulking framework of war, which prioritises the discussion of aberrant acts in an aberrant time.