Gathering Impressions of London’s Walthamstow Wetlands

By Phoebe Hamilton-Jones

MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology alumnus

Lockwood reservoir looks bleak even on a sunny day: skirted by telephone pylons, the moon-like gravel beach slips into an expanse of water.

Political Ecology and Power Generation in North London

By Rachel Parsons

MSc Anthropology, Environment, and Development

In North London, activists argue that increased recycling rates and a potential ban on single-use plastics will decrease demand and smaller amounts of residual rubbish could be routed to other existing incinerators.

What we tweet about when we tweet about the weather

By Isabelle Cotton

MSc Digital Anthropology alumnus

Twitter’s weather-talk also acts as an important reminder to be wary of the ontology of totemism that characterised early anthropology.