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Welcome to Anthropolitan Online, the official blog of Anthropolitan, the biannual magazine of the UCL Anthropology Department. This is a brand new and exciting online platform for student-led reporting about anthropology, in all its diversity.

The Spring Term of 2017 saw the inception of a new initiative to revitalise the UCL Anthropology Department’s online and social media presence. The central feature of this initiative was the formation of the Student Editor Committee (SEC), a group of twenty-two student representatives from all corners and levels of the department (undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral). The members are reporting on a range of exciting anthropology-related content from our own department, UCL, London, and the wider world.

The SEC members will be publishing digestible articles and reports throughout the year, and utilising our integrated social media channels (Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram) to disseminate their work. We already have around 800 followers on our Facebook page, and the number is growing quickly. In the coming weeks, we will begin posting regular podcasts and vodcasts on the blog, as part of our multimedia strategy.

Projects currently underway include a report on the recent RAI ethnographic film festival; articles on the cargo shipping industry, sustainability in supermarkets, and K-pop culture; a review of the ‘Anthropologies of Revolution’ project; interviews with various teaching and research staff; and features on unique objects in our Ethnographic Collection.

Please do get in touch if you would like to engage with or contribute to Anthropolitan Online, at – or via our social media pages.

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