Graceful Creature

Fabian - Leah Schrager 2

How can you interact with these people?
I am a graceful creature
13.4 million followers
At least
Would you like to see?
Filtered, distilled, drooping strained creolin across canvasses of vacuous artistry
Loved by every eye that wavers on my form
Retweeted thousands of times across the middle east
Feast your soul on my magnetic relationality, oversubscribed and under-substantiated
Puckered red lips floating into neonate stratagems of excreted marketing algorithms
I give you life, birthed from the smut of posterity, irresistible waist quaking applause
Prostrating frames of sex
Follow me and I will show you all
Through the venation of the bloated crones that rule this state
I want to impale you on the thorns of my crown
The coronation of a limitless nation
Based on love, if that love is for me and I, smothered in the sweet bile of admiration
Words better represented as signified cylindrical urns doused in jealousy, not likes;
Liked by the likes of you, loved by those who do not know how, but pay for unattainable romance
This is my silhouette, this is my profile, a mosaic of tight skin drawn into appeasing poses
Try to touch me and accept that I am more than everything I have told you.

–  Fabian Broeker • MSc Digital Anthropology

Previously published at Digital Culturist

Artwork by Leah Schrager

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